Welcome to the Seely Squirrels Class...



where we are nuts about learning!

The Seely Squirrels is a Year 3/4 class. Our teacher is Mrs Cotton-Winfield and our T.A. is Mrs Edwards.


Our topic this term is Romans. Please see this link for the next half term plans.squirrels overview - Romans 2.docx



Image result for maths   We are really trying to improve our times tables skills in school and are currently doing work on them every day. The children should know their multiplication and division facts up 12x12 at the end of year 4. For further practise at home, please click here http://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/5-7-years/multiplication-and-division and for fun maths games!



Please continue to read as much as possible at home! This really supports a child for the future and not only helps them to read but improves their writing too! We are really focusing on understanding a text for e.g. What the story is about, why it ended a certain way, what other ways it could have ended. These elements are just as important as being able to read the words. Please see Mrs Cotton-Winfield for further advice or questions.  




To become super spellers we are trialling zappers. Please see more information here   how to use zappers

 Please also see the Year 3 and Year 4 spelling list  T2-E-1175-New-Curriculum-Spelling-List-Years-3-And-4-Word-Mat.pdf