Staff & Governors


    Headteacher          Mrs H Gabb

             Key Stage 2


    Seely Squirrels Teacher



 Mrs H Cotton-Winfield

        EYFS/Key Stage 1


    Little Acorns Teacher


        Mrs C Brookes

       Busy Bees Teacher


      Busy Bees Teacher

         Mrs R Draper


         Mrs S Glover

    Mighty Oaks Teacher


    Mighty Oaks Teacher


Special Educational Needs


   Mrs L Humphreys


         Mrs S Ince


        Mrs D Lower


     Teaching Assistant    Miss  K Hodkinson
     Teaching Assistant      Mrs K Williams
        Office Manager       Mrs J Garratt
      Dinner Supervisor      Mrs D Corbett
      Dinner Supervisor         Mrs L Hand
      Dinner Supervisor       Mrs C Bowley
                  Cook       Mrs J Foster
                  Cook     Mrs T Russhard

         Mr T Winsor

     Chair of Governors

          Mrs C Kay

 Vice Chair of Governors

   Vicar Sally Baylis


Governor DBE Nomination         Fred Manning
            Diocesan Governor         Marc Taylor
            Parent Governor         Louise Milton
            Diocesan Governor         Sue Ellis